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Jonathan Robinson jonathan.robinson at ipracon.com
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Please see below (and attached) for a proposed motion regarding public
comments global outreach recommendations.


I would very much appreciate a second for the motion.


Many thanks,









Made by: Jonathan Robinson
Seconded by: 


WHEREAS, in October 2008, the GNSO Council established a framework for
implementing the various GNSO Improvements at:
http://www.icann.org/en/minutes/resolutions-26jun08.htm identified and
approved by the ICANN Board of Directors on 26 June 2008;


WHEREAS, that framework included the formation, in January 2009, of two
Steering Committees, the Operations Steering Committee (OSC) and the Policy
Process Steering Committee (PPSC), to charter and coordinate the efforts of
five community work teams in developing specific recommendations to
implement the improvements;


WHEREAS, the OSC established three work teams, including the Constituency
and Stakeholder Group Operations Work Team, which were chartered to focus on
specific operational areas addressed in the BGC Report recommendations at:


WHEREAS, one of the recommendations in BGC Report was to develop and
implement a targeted outreach program to explore the formation of new
constituency groups; 


WHEREAS, the Constituency and Stakeholder Group Operations Work Team
(CSG-WT) was tasked with developing the recommendations on a global outreach
program and submitted the document to the OSC for consideration on 21
January 2011;


WHEREAS, the OSC submitted to the GNSO Council on 14 February 2011 the
document “Recommendations to Develop a Global Outreach Program to Broaden
Participation in the GNSO” at:


WHEREAS, the OSC recommendations describe a global outreach strategy to
relevant members of the public, particularly non-English speakers and those
from developing countries/regions; and for development of global outreach
programs aimed at increasing participation both from current members of the
ICANN community as well as potential members, particularly non-English


WHEREAS, on 24 February 2011 the GNSO Council acknowledged receipt of the
document by the OSC and directed staff to post the document for forty-five
(45) days in the ICANN Public Comment Forum at:


WHEREAS, ICANN Staff produced a Summary and Analysis document of the four
comments received and posted it in the Forum at:




RESOLVED, that the GNSO Council directs the OSC and the CSG-WT to review the
Summary and Analysis document as well as the comments and make any changes
to the proposed recommendations as are deemed appropriate.


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