[council] Agenda for ICANN Board meeting - 25 Aug 2011

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Sun Aug 21 22:41:47 UTC 2011

Agenda for ICANN Special Board Meeting

25 August 2011
1.  Consent Agenda:

	a. Minutes of 28 July 2011 ICANN Board Meeting

	b. Recommendation of BGC re Reconsideration Request 11-1

	c. Recommendation on IRTP Part B

	d. Receipt of Report of TR-WG

2. NomCom Chair & Chair Elect

3. Process Steps for Consideration of Board Remuneration

	a. Appointment of Independent Advisor

	b. Possible Changes to Conflict of Interest Policy

	c. Possible Bylaw Revisions

4. Single Character IDN Update

5. CEO Report

6. Planning for September Board Workshop

7. Any Other Business

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