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Councillors, FYI.

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> De : "Xavier J. Calvez" <xavier.calvez at icann.org>
> Objet : ICANN / Budget FY13 / SO-AC request process and template
> Date : 5 décembre 2011 21:23:40 HNEC
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> All,
> As a reminder, the SO-AC request process below pertains to the dedicated budget that is set aside from the overall ICANN budget to be able to take into account specific requests from the community for activities that are not already included in the recurring ICANN budget. 
> Please find below a revision to the timeline and process suggested to be retained for the FY 13 Budget "additional request process". We had originally suggested a deadline of December 9th for requests to be submitted, so that such requests are included in the Budget framework, currently scheduled to be posted on January 17th. Instead, we are now proposing to desynchronize the requests timeline from the publication of the framework, as described below. The revised deadline to submit additional requests is therefore January 20th 2012 as indicated in paragraph 3 below.
> The process we are suggesting to retain for FY 13 is as follows:
> 1.     Please complete the attached request template for each individual new resource or activity that your community is requesting. The form has been designed to give you an opportunity to describe in detail theactual scope of the activity you propose, how it relates to the current Strategic Plan, and how the funds are to be implemented.
> 2.     We ask that you give consideration to the number of requests and to the priority of the requests prior to submitting them. By noting the respective priorities of your requests it will make it easier to evaluate the requests from various community groups. Indicating all of them with a high priority will have the opposite effect to the one desired: it will make it more difficult to take into account any of your requests, and/or it will lead the ICANN staff to have to prioritize your request, obviously less adequately than you would.
> 3.     Please send each completed request form to the controller at icann.org mailbox by January 20th 2012.  Though all requests will be examined and processed, the requests will be processed in the order they are received: the earlier your requests enter the process, the more opportunity we collectively will have for review and consideration.
> 4.     Each request will be reviewed by a member of the Finance within 48 hours of receipt for a first review to either (i) clarify elements of the request if need be, or (ii) acknowledge receipt.
> 5.     All Additional requests will be aggregated for review and selection. A placeholder “additional requests" envelope will be included in the Framework for a total of US$0.5m for all requests. This is the amount that everyone should have in mind when submitting requests. Being a placeholder, we may decide, through the selection process, to change the amount of the envelope suggested for additional requests, dependent upon what conclusions the selection process (see below) reaches. If such is the case, the revised amount will be submitted for approval by the Board Finance Committee, and possibly by the Board.
> 6.     ICANN Staff will be suggesting a process to collectively determine which of the additional requests will be retained and incorporated into the FY 13 Budget. The objective is to conclude the selection process with a final list of requests to be included in the budget by the end of the Costa Rica ICANN meeting.
> 7.     The Board Finance Committee and ICANN Executive Staff will have the opportunity to review the various requests and discuss them as appropriate with community leaders throughout the entire budget process - from publication of the Framework document through posting the draft Operating Plan and Budget on 1 May 2012.
> 8.     Requests that are approved by the ICANN Board will be implemented in FY 13 in conjunction with the ICANN staff and community work.
> Additionally, for newly approved travel support, community leaders will still need to comply with the already established process of filling out the ICANN Constituency Travel template prior to travel to an ICANN meeting or approved alternate meeting.
> Our Finance Team is committed to the transparency of the objectives, outcomes and expenditures for each funded request.  Detailed implementation plans and finance tracking of each activity and expenditure will greatly improve the likelihood that we will achieve that transparency goal.  All approved requests will be located within a “Community Support Services” budget category and will be documented, tracked and expensed.  
> If you have any questions about these processes or thetemplate, please contact the Finance Team through controller at icann.org. This email address will help us manage the documentation and review process and will ensure that your questions are promptly addressed.
> To ICANN policy support staff: at the next opportunity, please check with the addressees above that they have effectively received my email as this will be the first email to a number of them. Thank you.
> Thanks.
> Sincerely,
> Xavier
> Xavier Calvez
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