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Mary, Glen,

Thanks to you both for your hard work on this.


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> Hello everyone
> Attached is the proposed GNSO Council schedule for Singapore, which Glen and I think is more or less final (barring some last minute overall schedule changes that we can't control). We think that the best way to read it is to have at hand the overall meeting schedule, which is at http://singapore41.icann.org/full-schedule.
> Please note the following:
> - We have not yet moved the GNSO Council dinner from Sunday night to Saturday evening, as we have sent a final enquiry to Diane Schroeder, who handles the Board's schedule, and plan to give her the next 24 hours to confirm one way or the other. It is likely that - in line with Adrian and others' preferences - we will have our Council dinner on Saturday instead of Sunday, but I wanted to let you know that we haven't yet made the change on the attached spreadsheet.
> - The Saturday GNSO session will start at 10 a.m. instead of our original plan of 12 noon. The reason for this is that we think most Councilors will want to attend the Board/GAC open meeting on Sunday afternoon; as such, we need to move the GNSO weekend start time up on Saturday in order to deal with all the GNSO-related matters that are on our plate. (NOTE: the 9 a.m. slot shown on the schedule right now is for the face-to-face meeting of the Standing Committee on Implementation (SCI), to which, of course, all Councilors are welcome and for which I've promised the SCI members a Singaporean breakfast :)
> - We have tried to minimize conflicts as far as possible, but - as evidenced by the various emails you will have seen on the Council list - it is becoming near-impossible to have slots that do not conflict with one thing or another. I should say that in this effort Glen has been invaluable in her efforts to coordinate with all the other committees, groups and staff!
> - For Monday, the joint GNSO/ccNSO meeting will be the customary lunch, as it will be Leslie Cowley's first as ccNSO chair. Although the ICANN meeting schedule currently shows it as concurrent with the Forum on DNS Abuse, I understand that there is a possibility that the Forum may be switched with the IDN Variant session.
> - For Wednesday, while the overall ICANN meeting schedule still shows a GAC-GNSO Council meeting (which we had originally moved to Wednesday instead of the customary weekend session due to the Board-GAC meetings), our understanding is that the GAC has requested that we postpone our meeting with them till the next ICANN meeting. Given that the GAC's attention has largely been on the new gTLD program and that Heather assures us the GAC remains committed to working with the GNSO on those issues we had discussed and identified previously, which are all ongoing discussions, it does not seem necessary to insist on a meeting with the GAC in Singapore, particularly if this can occur only after an expected announcement on the new gTLD program.
> - For Thursday, we will have our usual GNSO Wrap Up Meeting over lunch. Please note that, although the overall ICANN meeting schedule shows otherwise, our understanding is that Getting Ready: Understanding the Applicant Guidebook session is likely to be moved up to the morning, thereby eliminating a conflict with our Wrap Up Meetiing.
> Thanks, and please let me and Glen know if you have questions about the schedule.
> Cheers
> Mary
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> <Copy of Copy of GNSO Draft Singapore 2011 v12.xls>

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