[council] Topics for our discussions with the Board

Stéphane Van Gelder stephane.vangelder at indom.com
Sat Jun 18 07:07:21 UTC 2011


Following on from our discussions today, please find below a refined list of topics.

Please come back with comments and proposed edits asap. As a reminder, our session with the Board is today from 17:30 to 19:00.




i) The AoC process & outputs to date, and the broader progress of transparency & accountability across the range of ICANN processes.


ii) The AoC's repeatedly stated requirement that ICANN act in the public interest.  While there've been some preliminary discussions on such matters, the AoC is now almost 2 years old. Are we able to have a more probing and structured discussion with the benefit of this experience?




The GNSO Council has spent a lot of time recently discussing Community Working Groups (CWGs), to the point that we have a drafting team looking at this topic. Recent experiences with a couple of CWGs that the GNSO is involved in have shown that it would be useful to have a better-defined process for them.



GNSO/Board interact.

At the Board's initiative, our interaction with the Board seems to be changing. The Council's always found our social interaction with the Board, more specifically the dinners we used to have with the Board, to be extremely useful.



Revolving door.

In light of the DNS becoming a function more visible to, and scrutinized by governments and business on a global basis, and the size of the market about to be created by the new gTLD program, has the Board begun to assess how this might require changes to ICANN ethics policies, e.g., the introduction of an anti revolving door policy?
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