[council] UDRP issues report discussion

Neuman, Jeff Jeff.Neuman at neustar.us
Sat Jun 18 23:36:55 UTC 2011

Thanks Tim.  That is absolutely correct and exactly how I worded it when I said a registry/registrar workshop that some registries and registrars attended.  I was very careful about that wording.

And as a reminder to Kristina, the only way to amend the RRA, absent agreement by the registrars, with respect to things that fall within the picket fence is actually through a Consensus Policy.  And that is only through a PDP.  The UDRP falls squarely within the picket fence.

We just need to clear that up as well.


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Not ignoring this request Kristina, we just want to confirm one way or
the other. But I will say that the RySG councilors do not speak for the
RrSG and I don't think that is what Jeff intended. I believe he was
referencing discussions we have had in our House, certainly not an
official position. Again, I will try to confirm an actual position.


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To point out the obvious:
If, as Jeff claims, the key problem is to get the bad actor registrars
in line because the good actor registrars are doing the right thing,
amending and changing the UDRP through a PDP is not the only solution. 
The other one is to amend the RAA accordingly.
Also, this is the second time that Jeff has referred to the statement
above as coming out of the registry-registrar meeting.  I'd be
interested in getting confirmation from someone from the RrSG if his
characterization  is accurate.

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