[council] Draft message to the Board

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed May 11 14:52:48 UTC 2011

Regarding timing of the report versions:

A message pointing to the first official copy of the report from the 
WG on the Wiki went to the Chairs of the ALAC and GNSO sent by Rafik 
at 23:51 UTC on Saturday, May 7.

A copy in PDF format went to the two Chairs, sent by Carlton at 02:01 
UTC on Sun May 8 and was then forwarded to Council.

Note that Rafik and Carlton are the Co-chairs of the WG.

The ALAC report to the Board went to the Chair of the GNSO, sent by 
the Chair of the ALAC at 08:57 on Tuesday, May 10 and was then 
forwarded to Council (that presumes I read my time zones correctly. 
It was time-stamped 10:57 HAEC). This version corrected a number of 
typos and added a cover letter and summary.

Some members of At-Large and the ALAC, including the Chair, had 
earlier versions of the report since they either participated in the 
WG or watched its progress. The same can be said of the GNSO and the 
GNSO Council.

If I got any of the time-zone conversions wrong, please let me know.


At 11/05/2011 05:36 AM, Stephane Van Gelder wrote:
>[text omitted]
>On your comments to the current draft, I understand the dates 
>discrepancy you highlight. It does pose a problem however, as the 
>date I had put in the draft was the one on which the JAS sent us the 
>report. As you correctly point out, ALAC sent it on May 6, while we 
>only got it on May 9. That in itself is a problem, as it begs the 
>question as to why one chartering entity got the report before the 
>other did. As Jeff stated, this looks a lot like the situation we've 
>just had with the ccNSO and the JIG. So trying to learn from our 
>mistakes here, I had not wanted to get into that with our Board 
>statement, but if you think we should, we can...

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