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The comment forum will remain open at least until 15 May is over everywhere in the world. I hope this is sufficiently clear - I wanted to respond as quickly as possible.


On May 14, 2011, at 6:12 PM, Taylor, David wrote:


Following on from this discussion, when does the applicant guidebook comment period close? On the site it merely says 15 May, so is this going to close at midnight UTC or through the entire day regardless of timezone as you mention below for .net agreement?

I ask as I have been asked several times today, and I was not 100% sure of the response.



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Thanks Kurt.

I appreciate you addressing the issue so promptly and in my favour ;)

I agree some clarity on the "timezone" would be helpful.

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Hi Adrian:

Our current practice is to close at midnight UTC unless otherwise specified. We were following through to close as specified in the comment forum. The email to our web administrator to close was sent well in advance.

Understanding your point, ICANN will reopen the forum to accept comments through the entire day regardless of timezone. We'll also make it clearer regarding time of closure in future fora.

Thanks for pointing this out.



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Subject: [council] .net agreement comment period

I note with great interest the comment period for the .net agreement has been cut off on the ICANN website at 6.50pm (PDT).

I believe the timeline stated that it will end “10 May 2011”. The day is not over. Who, from staff, has the itchy finger over there? Is this so that the conspiracy theorists have some content?

Folks may still want to submit comments at this late hour and I believe they would still have the right to do so within the allocated comment period.

I also note that there are a number of comment periods that have supposedly passed yet remain opened on the ICANN website.

Can staff respond to this please and confirm that members of the public have until midnight PDT to send their responses and open the website back up for comments?


Adrian Kinderis


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