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Please see the email from Liz below. The reason I did not resend this email to the Council list immediately is that since receiving it, I have been in conversation with Staff trying to understand what exactly is being asked here, and of whom?

As you will see, the note is addressed to SSAC. However, I am told unofficially that there is an intent that the GNSO and ccNSO ask the JIG to look at this as well.

Given the current uncertainties and imprecisions around CWGs, I am not willing to pass this on to the JIG directly without an official request from the Board to do so.

Please let me have your thoughts if you feel this is not the way to handle this issue.



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> Hi Stéphane and all,
> The Board has asked for additional information regarding the JIG report and the attached informal note has been sent to the SSAC by Kurt Pritz.  In addition, the GNSO Council (and ccNSO) may wish to forward these questions to the JIG for additional clarification from that group.  Also, I understand that there may be more questions that arise as the report is further analysed.
> Thanks, Liz

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