[council] ICANN Board meeting resolutions - 3 October 2012

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Fri Oct 5 00:30:45 UTC 2012

Hello All,

See below for the resolutions adopted at the Board meeting on Wed 3 Oct 2012.

Ones of interest to the GNSO would be:

- posting of draft changes to the charter of the registry stakeholder group

- appointment of Yrjö Juhani Länsipuro as chair of the 2013 Nominating committee

- appointment of Cheryl Langdon-Orr as chair-elect of the 2013 Nominating committee

Bruce Tonkin

From:      http://www.icann.org/en/groups/board/documents/resolutions-03oct12-en.htm

Approved Board Resolutions | Special Meeting of the ICANN Board

Consent Agenda:

Resolved, the following resolutions in this Consent Agenda are approved:

	a.  Approval of Board Meeting Minutes

	Resolved (2012.10.03.01), the Board approves the minutes of the 13 September 2012 ICANN Regular Board Meeting.

	b.   Registry Stakeholder Group Charter Amendments for Posting

Whereas, The ICANN Bylaws (Article X, Section 5.3) state, "Each [GNSO] Stakeholder Group shall maintain recognition with the ICANN Board."

Whereas, the GNSO Registry Stakeholder Group (RySG) has alerted ICANN Staff and the Board to a set of changes to its Charter including expanding the activities of its internal Observers Group and simplifying the process for assessment of annual dues.

Whereas, the Board believes community review and comment of the RySG charter changes can provide a useful input to the Board;

Resolved (2012.10.03.02) that the CEO is directed to open a Public Comment Forum asking for community review and comment on the changes that the Registry Stakeholder Group has proposed to its charter.

c.  Appointment of Narayan Gangalaramsamy to the Security & Stability Advisory Committee

Whereas, the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) does review its membership and make adjustments from time-to-time.

Whereas, the SSAC Membership Committee, on behalf of the SSAC, requests that the Board should appoint Narayan Gangalaramsamy to the SSAC.

Resolved (2012.10.03.03), the Board appoints Narayan Gangalaramsamy to the SSAC.

d.  Contracting and Disbursement Authority For Audit Program Service Provider

Whereas, ICANN is committed to attaining a high ethical standard to help ensure the legitimacy and sustainability of the multi-stakeholder model.

Whereas, it is crucial to have strengthened programs and practices in place to help promote ICANN's goals, including that of enhanced contractual compliance.

Whereas, planning a thorough and comprehensive audit of ICANN registries and registrars over a three year timeframe is consistent with and is intended to help progress ICANN's goals of understanding, enhancing and improving contractual compliance.

[Negotiation details redacted]

Whereas, the value [negotiation details redacted] will exceed the ICANN Officers' existing contracting and disbursement authority.

Resolved (2012.10.03.04), the Board hereby authorizes the President and CEO, or his designees, to negotiate for and enter into a contract with an appropriate Audit Program service provider, and make all required disbursements called for under that contract [negotiation details redacted].

Resolved (2012.10.03.05), the Board approves the redaction of the details of the Resolution 2012.10.03.04 pending completion of negotiations.

2.  Main Agenda:

	a.  BGC Recommendation on Nominating Committee Chair/Chair-Elect

Whereas, the BGC has reviewed the Expressions of Interest from candidates for the Nominating Committee ("NomCom") Chair and Chair-Elect.

Whereas, the BGC has interviewed certain candidates and recommended that that Yrjö Juhani Länsipuro be appointed as the 2013 NomCom Chair and Cheryl Langdon-Orr be appointed as the 2013 NomCom Chair-Elect.

Resolved (2012.10.03.06), the Board adopts the recommendation of the BGC and hereby appoints Yrjö Juhani Länsipuro as the 2013 NomCom Chair and Cheryl Langdon-Orr as the 2013 NomCom Chair-Elect.

3.  Executive Session

The Board conducted a confidential portion of the meeting during which it passed other resolutions (2012.10.03.C1 and 2011.10.03.C2) that shall remain confidential as an "action relating to personnel or employment matters", pursuant to Article III, section 5.2 of the ICANN Bylaws.

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