[council] Moving on

Jonathan Robinson jonathan.robinson at ipracon.com
Thu Oct 18 18:33:59 UTC 2012

N.B. I didn’t notice any Saturday exchange with the GAC.  Did I miss it?


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Hi Glen,


For full transparency, I am copying the Council on this message, my last as
an authorized subscriber to the Council list.


As of today, please de-subscribe me from the Council list, the Council
Leadership list and all GNSO WG or DT lists to which I am subscribed as an
observer in my capacity as Chair.


Please also inform the new Leadership team that they will have to seek a
replacement for me in my position as Council Liaison to the ICANN Academy


Councillors, as my last official act as Chair, please find attached the GNSO
Chair's report for Toronto.


It has been a real pleasure working with you all, and I wish the new
leadership team the best of luck.


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