[council] A recap of todays ccNSO Council meeting

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Thanks John.  Helpful insight from an early start.  


Talk about not knowing what you were letting yourself in for!


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Hello, all.


I participated today in my first ccNSO Council call as GNSO Council liaison.


One thing, for sure, I won't be recommending we adopt their practice of monthly calls at the same hour.  They are all at 4 a.m. Pacific.


Lesley Cowley of Nominet is the chair and she was quite gracious in her welcome. 


In some order, here are the things that might be of interest:


1.  There is some concern about Fadi's CEO roundtable approach to problem solving.  Peter van Roste, general manager of CENTR, said they were causing his members "ulcers" and that "the secrecy is a problem."  Cowley spoke up that there was not secrecy attached to her invitation to the next roundtable.


2.  They decided to not comment on either the work of the GNSO Council on Consumer Metrics or meet the request of the board for comment as embedded in the 12.10.11 resolution.  The conclusion was that "it is not ccNSO business."


3.  There was a discussion and willingness expressed to meet with the GNSO Council in Beijing, but that there needs to be better preparation; Cowley said: "We don't know quite what we are doing there sometimes." 


4.  Of specific note is that with the membership of the Faroe Islands (.fo), the ccNSO has 135 members.





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