[council] Composition of the Accountability & Transparency Review Team

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Thanks Wolf-Ulrich,

That's useful insight.


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In regards to the recent ATRT appointments the CSG (and the RrSG) asked the
selectors for a rationale why only two endorsed candidates from the GNSO
have been appointed, especially given that in the past there had been 4
appointments made.

Steve Crocker as chairman of the board and being one of the selectors gave
the following reasons:

"...We had to make some tough decisions because there were quite a few well
qualified candidates.  We did place a bit of emphasis on choosing people
with experience in governance and/or experience with governments.  This
wasn't our exclusive focus, but we did weight our selection a bit in that
direction.  We felt this was consistent with the focus on accountability and
We expect each member of the team to look at the full range of issues and
not to be solely pursuing the issues of a particular constituency.
We also expect the people from the GNSO, Brian Cute and Avri Doria, will be
reasonably familiar with the full range of GNSO issues and not solely within
their particular stakeholder groups.
Finally, we recognize that the people who applied to be on the team,
including both endorsed and those who were not endorsed, almost certainly
have some useful and relevant thoughts to share.  The team is not yet in
operation and has not yet set its agenda, but we have suggested the team
might usefully listen to the candidates who were not included.  The initial
reaction from the team members seems positive, and so it seems likely they
will choose to do this..."

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