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Dear SO-AC Leaders,


On behalf of Chair David Archbold and members of the Geographic Regions
Review Working Group, this email is to formally alert you of the opportunity
to review and provide comments on recommendation the Working Group plans to
make to the ICANN Board about the application and future use of the ICANN
Geographic Regions framework.


The Working Group was formed by the Board to (1) identify the different
purposes for which ICANN's Geographic Regions are used; (2) determine
whether the uses of ICANN's Geographic Regions (as currently defined, or at
all) continue to meet the requirements of the relevant stakeholders; and (3)
submit proposals for community and Board consideration relating to the
current and future uses and definition of the ICANN Geographic Regions. A
full record of the Working Group's past reports and public workshops and
presentations can be found at the Working Group's Confluence Wiki space
G+-+Documents> .


At various times over the past few years, the ALAC, ASO, ccNSO, GAC and GNSO
communities have graciously supplied representatives to serve on the Working
Group.  As a result, according the WG Charter, your communities now have the
opportunity to review and provide formal comments on the Working Group's
recommendations before they are submitted to the ICANN Board. Those
recommendations are provided in a 24-page Final Report.  The Final Report is
posted on the ICANN.org web site here -
http://www.icann.org/en/news/announcements/announcement-22jun13-en.htm.  For
your convenience, I have also attached a copy of the Final Report to this
email message.


Because of the time pressures caused by the upcoming Public Meeting, the
Working Group is providing a full 90 days after the conclusion of the Durban
meeting for your communities to discuss the Final Report recommendations
and, if you choose, to submit a written statement back to the Working Group.
Please advise me when you or your community have made a decision about
providing any feedback so that I can inform the Working Group to prepare for
such a communication. By my calculations, the 90-day review period will end
on 17 October 2013.


If you would like more information on the Working Group's effort and it's
specific recommendations, the Working Group will host a community workshop
mid-day on Thursday July 18 during the upcoming ICANN Public Meeting in
Durban, South Africa (see - http://durban47.icann.org/node/39833).  Working
Group members have also agreed to make themselves available to you as needed
for subsequent briefings or information sharing.  I am happy to work to
arrange a briefing from Dave Archbold or one of the Working Group members if
you would like.


Please contact me if you have any questions about this matter. I'll be happy
to provide clarification or insights about the process to date.


Best regards,



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