[council] Agenda for GNSO / GAC Meeting in Durban

Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Thu Jul 4 10:37:23 UTC 2013


As you know, in Toronto, we did not meet with the GAC.
Effective interaction between the Council and the GAC has since been picked
up as part of our strategic focus.

One key reason for meeting with the GAC is in order to ensure that the GAC
is effectively and appropriately engaged with GNSO policy development.

We did meet with the GAC in Beijing and had a constructive discussion
including picking up on some of the work of the Board-GAC Recommendations
and Implementation Working Group (BGRI-WG).

Following some initial discussions, a proposed agenda is emerging for
meeting with the GAC in Durban which will take us forward from Beijing.


1.       Update from GNSO (20 - 30 minutes)
Current focus and key activity but critically to include:
- Work on policy & implementation
- Protections for IGOs & INGOs 

2.       Update from GAC (20 - 30 minutes).  
- Focus on current Advice work

3.       The GNSO PDP Process in relation to the GAC (20 - 30 minutes)
- Brief walk-through of the current engagement points / opportunities for
- Update from the BGRI-WG and related discussion to include:
-              Desired early involvement of the GAC i.e. from the Issue
Report stage
-              How will early GAC input be handled?
-              Normally, how many Issue Reports are being produced each
-              GNSO's response to GAC 'reverse liaison' proposal . GNSO
liaison to the GAC ..
-	Default timeline for the shared GNSO PDP steps?


If you have any comment or input on this, I'd welcome hearing it as soon as



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