[council] Wrap Up Session

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Thu Jul 18 08:03:35 UTC 2013



Please find below a series of topics for the wrap-up session.  


Please respond ASAP if you believe that a topic has been left off or needs







·         GNSO Weekend Sessions

o   Form & Content

§  “New” style of presentations

§  Impact of 2 hr carve-out

o   Alternative structures

·         GNSO Council Public Meeting

o   Form & Content; inc SG/Constituency Inputs

o   Time & Scheduling

*	GNSO Review

*	Delay - Does Council respond to call for input?
*	Own work – What does Council do?
*	Circulate links to prior work

·         PDP Improvements

·         SCI

o   Future / On-going role

o   Charter

·         Working Groups

o   Volunteer / Lack of Volunteer Issues

§  Reporting & Metrics WG, Translation & Transliteration PDP

§  Other ways to do the work?


§  Use of facilitation - Feedback

·         Future Meetings

o   July / August Meeting – Doodle Poll ASAP

o   Beunos Aires

§  Plans, issues

§  Development and planning session – Friday 22nd November


Actions arising:

*	GNSO Review

*	Council response to call for input?
*	Circulate links to prior work

*	Send JIG letter to the Board (Await ccNSO Council vote?)
*	Change name to GNSO Public Forum
*	July August Council meeting - UDRP Domain Name Lock motion





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