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Thanks Jonathan,

2 additional points:
- forecast of public comments requests
- GAC engagement in policy development, maybe covered by “PDP improvements”

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Subject: [council] Wrap Up Session



Please find below a series of topics for the wrap-up session.  


Please respond ASAP if you believe that a topic has been left off or needs discussion.







·         GNSO Weekend Sessions

o   Form & Content

§  “New” style of presentations

§  Impact of 2 hr carve-out

o   Alternative structures

·         GNSO Council Public Meeting

o   Form & Content; inc SG/Constituency Inputs

o   Time & Scheduling

  a.. GNSO Review 
    a.. Delay - Does Council respond to call for input? 
    b.. Own work – What does Council do? 
    c.. Circulate links to prior work
·         PDP Improvements

·         SCI

o   Future / On-going role

o   Charter

·         Working Groups

o   Volunteer / Lack of Volunteer Issues

§  Reporting & Metrics WG, Translation & Transliteration PDP

§  Other ways to do the work?


§  Use of facilitation - Feedback

·         Future Meetings

o   July / August Meeting – Doodle Poll ASAP

o   Beunos Aires

§  Plans, issues

§  Development and planning session – Friday 22nd November


Actions arising:

  a.. GNSO Review 
    a.. Council response to call for input? 
    b.. Circulate links to prior work
  b.. Send JIG letter to the Board (Await ccNSO Council vote?) 
  c.. Change name to GNSO Public Forum 
  d.. July August Council meeting - UDRP Domain Name Lock motion



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