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I am a big supporter of the DNA. However, given the request from the CSG to allocate some hours to conduct regular constituency/SG business, do we have the time for this on the weekend.  Perhaps during the open meeting on Wednesday would be better?

Jeffrey J. Neuman
Neustar, Inc. / Vice President, Business Affairs

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Thank-you Thomas and Osvaldo.

Agreed, that would be helpful and I have asked for a little more context / positioning.


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thanks for this.

It this the initiative that runs the website whatdomain.org<http://whatdomain.org>? I tried to find out who is behind it on the website, but could not find any information at all. Can we get a bit more information on the background of the organization?


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I have had a request from Adrian Kinderis (who some of you may know from his time as a councillor) to present the DNA to the Council in a 15 minute session over the weekend in Durban.

The Domain Name Association (DNA) is a new non-profit global business association that represents the interests of the domain name industry and it describes its mission as being to:

"Promote the interests of its members by advocating the use, adoption, and expansion of domain names as the primary tool for users to navigate the Internet."

Please indicate any interest, lack of interest or neutrality on this.



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