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Thanks.  From my perspective, there are a couple of issues:


1.       Adrian has gone quiet on me.  I need to confirm he is still interested.

2.       Our Wednesday meetings could probably do with something to make them / keep them interesting and with broad GNSO (and beyond) appeal.
This is useful from that perspective so it works for me.




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Are there any concerns from council members re a DNA presentation at the council meeting on Wednesday?

Best regards



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I am sure you meant that "the Domain Name Association offer to make individual presentations to GNSO stakeholder groups..."  I would not want to make their appearance before the Council contingent upon all the group accepting.






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Dear All,



The IPC agrees that the Domain Name Association, as well as all other groups, should be permitted to make a presentation to the GNSO Council in Durban, with the caveat that agendas and/or PowerPoint materials are provided to the Council well in advance addressing threshold questions about who the group is and what subjects they intend to discuss.  


In the alternative, as we are quickly approaching our time in Durban, South Africa, the IPC recommends that the Domain Name Association make individual presentations to GNSO stakeholder groups and constituencies in order to facilitate a more complete dialog regarding topics and questions germane to each stakeholder group and constituency.





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So far I have seen support  for a council discussion triggered by a DNA presentation – in case it’s more than just lobbying.


Since the weekend schedule in Durban at this stage doesn’t allow for an additional slot we should think about a feasible allocation on the Wednesday meeting.

Best regards



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Thanks John.


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I would be happy to have Adrian make his presentation as long as it is appreciably different than the deck we all saw in Beijing.  I am sure it has evolved, but can you confirm?

In fact, the rise of these kinds of associations may be market evidence of the need for and, perhaps, how the organization of the GNSO might be changed in the course of the up coming review.  It is clear that the prior segments are losing their stand-alone integrity as each constituency is in the process of taking on the characteristics of others.

We might find, in the discussion of the new association, a new nomenclature for the community that could lead to a more modern organization.






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I have had a request from Adrian Kinderis (who some of you may know from his time as a councillor) to present the DNA to the Council in a 15 minute session over the weekend in Durban.


The Domain Name Association (DNA) is a new non-profit global business association that represents the interests of the domain name industry and it describes its mission as being to:


“Promote the interests of its members by advocating the use, adoption, and expansion of domain names as the primary tool for users to navigate the Internet.”


Please indicate any interest, lack of interest or neutrality on this.








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