[council] Meeting the ICANN CEO & Board in Buenos Aires

Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Fri Nov 8 18:31:57 UTC 2013



We have managed some successful meetings with the CEO and Board and the
recent ICANN meetings, partly through being well prepared and giving them
appropriate notice of subject matter.


Bearing in mind that the CEO is part of the board, we need to be careful not
to overlap the subjects too closely unless there is good reason.  


My sense is that the theme of the evolving landscape of internet governance
is likely to be a "meta-theme" throughout the Buenos Aires meeting and it
will get plenty of airtime.  

For that reason, we may not wish to focus on it?


Please can you replay to this with any thoughts you have on topics we could
effectively cover with Fadi and the Board.


To kick things off, we could consider:




.         Strategy Panels (although this is likely the subject of our
meeting with Theresa Swineheart)

.         ?

.         ?




.         GNSO Review - Update on current thinking

.         ?

.         ?



Look forward to any input as soon as possible.






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