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All.  FYI.  Jonathan.


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Subject: SO-AC Buenos Aires Hot Topic Update/Recommendations/Decisions


Dear SO-AC Leaders:


Based on the various reactions several of you have provided regarding the
topic feedback and other information I shared on Monday, set forth below are
confirmed recommendations and some new information regarding the SO-AC Hot
Topic session currently scheduled for Monday morning in Buenos Aires.  We
appreciate your understanding and patience as we re-boot this joint
community session. Please check the body of this note below to make sure
you’ve identified the additional information we’ll need from you soon.


Confirmed Topic:


We are moving forward with the following single topic – “Evolution of
Internet Governance - Montevideo Statement and ICANN’s Post-Bali/Pre-Brazil
Activities – Methods and Objectives”.  A sub theme that session participants
may wish to incorporate into the discussion includes “preservation of the
bottom-up policy development process.”


Confirmed Moderator:


Brad White has graciously agreed to serve as moderator for the session.  He
and Rob are working on fleshing out the “short” statement format discussed
during the preparation planning call and implementing the “tweeting” concept
a number of you enjoyed brainstorming on during the preparation call.  Red,
green and even blue sheets of paper are on-order.


Community Representation On Stage: 


A number of you made some good points about the challenges of having fair
community representation on stage.  Unfortunately it is a challenge to
balance representation with a manageable number of designated community
representatives on the stage.  We are going to go with the original
suggestion of a maximum two (2) reps each from each of the ASO, ccNSO, GAC,
SSAC and RSSAC communities, and include a maximum of four (4) participants
from the GNSO (one per Stakeholder Group) and a maximum of 5 from At-Large
(one per RALO). 


We understand the concerns about providing speaking opportunities for as
many people as possible, but Brad says even the number of 19 participants
will be hard to manage and, if we are going to include audience
participation, not everyone will likely have equal time to speak.  You will
not be penalized if you choose to designate fewer than the maximum number of
participants to your community.


Please provide the names of your designated speakers/participants as soon as
possible to Rob Hoggarth at  <mailto:Robert.hoggarth at icann.org>
Robert.hoggarth at icann.org.   Please, no later than 5pm (local time in Beunos
Aires) next Friday, 15 November.


Session Format:


Although initial introductions will likely be important for the audience and
the scribes, rather than commit to opening statements (even if we limit a
single statement from each SO and AC represented to only 5 minutes per
community we will use up 35 minutes before we even get to a discussion),
Brad suggests that we try to immediately jump into the discussion. I agree.
The real value of the session will be in the public, real-time exchange of
ideas and opinions between and among your communities. The quicker that can
start, the more interesting and dynamic the session will be. We also hope to
have several Board members and Senior ICANN staff in the session room.  We
will make sure they are identified, so there should be opportunities to
engage with them or ask questions during the session.


Keeping the theme of short, crisp “tweet-like” statements in mind, Rob and I
will work with Brad on developing a flow to the session that creates the
best opportunities for dialogue.  Brad and I believe it is important to
distinguish this session from the typical Thursday Public Forum format.


Brad would like to meet with all the session participants near the front of
the room about 20 minutes before the session begins to manage expectations
and to go over logistics of the session.


Potential Scheduling Issues:


As Jonathan pointed out in his recent email, there is potential
confusion/conflict between other sessions at the same time and other
sessions that will touch generally on Internet governance issues taking
place that day.  Unfortunately the schedule, as usual, is very tight and
there are limited options to move any sessions to avoid conflicts.  So far,
it just hasn’t been possible to find good alternatives for any of the other
scheduled sessions. We think the unique nature of this session and the
importance of the issue will provide some great audience interaction and a
good opportunity for dialogue. 



As usual, your comments, thoughts and observations are welcomed.  Its not
too late to investigate further tweaks to our session preparations.


Thank you for your support of the re-boot of this joint community effort. We
hope the session will be a great learning experience for all and that we’ll
identify ways to make it even better in Singapore.


Best regards, 




David A. Olive

Vice President, Policy Development Support
General Manager, ICANN Regional Headquarters –Istanbul


Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Hakki Yeten Cad. Selenium Plaza No:10/C K:5

34349 Fulya, Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey 


Tel: +90.212.381.8727 - Fax: +90.212.381.8731 - Mobile: +1. 202.341.3611



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