[council] RE: Salary increase to $900,000 for ICANN CEO

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Tue Aug 5 22:06:58 UTC 2014


My disappointment was that there was not an opportunity for public
comment before the decision was made to extend Fadi's contract or give
him a raise.

I know there is no obligation in the by-laws for the board to do such a
consultation, but neither is it prohibited by the by-laws. A notion of
strong accountability would include such an information gathering
exercise.  If the Board were constantly on the look-out for ways toward
greater accountability, I can't imagine that they would have missed this

I expect our CEO would have been renewed and received the raise in any
case, but then it would have been done with a greater degree of
community participation and with multistakeholder legitimacy. At this
time when the world is watching us and judging our degree of
accountability to the global community, we missed an important
opportunity for growth.

At this point all I can do is extend my congratulations and hope that he
is successful, because hope is all we really have sometimes.


On 03-Aug-14 18:25, john at crediblecontext.com wrote:
> Phil,
> This is pretty much a "by-the-numbers" approach to setting Mr. Chehade's
> salary.  In fact, with an FY15 budget showing about $170 million US in
> revenue, studies show it could have been a couple hundred thousand
> more.  I am sure the Board feels it has exercised discretion. This is
> reinforced by the fact that the CEO has to hit his performance marks to
> reach the total. 
> Mr. Chehade has publicly committed to letting the community participate
> in his performance review, but I have not yet seen the invitation.  If I
> sound skeptical, it is because I am and because, even though the
> compensation can be easily justified by what others in his position
> make, it ignores the potential moderating effect of a likely supply of
> existing talent who would no doubt be equally able to get the job done. 
> This is a common problem for businesses who seek to measure continuity
> by executive terms of service rather than investing in a shared
> commitment to the mission.
> Here in the U.S., baseball uses a performance measure called "Wins Above
> Replacement" (WAR) to assesses the value of a player. It seeks to answer
> the question: "How many wins does a player create over-and-above the
> number of games his team would win if he were replaced?"  Really good
> players are at 5 or 6 WAR, the superstars are at 10.  I wonder what
> Fadi's WAR would be?
> Cheers,
> Berard
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>     FYI. Good post from Stephane.
>     The Board gave itself a raise as well.
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