[council] Plan for BP m17m session

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Wed Aug 20 17:13:47 UTC 2014


Have read v5 and attached a version with my comments.

The following is the current version of the plan for the session, edited
before, during and after reading V5.


I propose organizing the discussion around the topic that the paper
discusses and that we take the approach of using the discussions to
further the work on refining a set of best practices according to some
set of criteria, as was discussed on the list.

Topic 1 - Definitions, attributes and commonalities

- Review of what we mean by Best practice. What criteria do we  compare
or measure against?

- Review of working definition of multistakeholderism.

Topic 2 - Stakeholders

- Does rejection of the method by some stakeholders, render the method

- Is the multistakeholder model about stakeholders or stakeholder groups?

- Is the Tunis Agenda breakdown of stakeholder groups appropriate and

Topic 3 - Trust

- How is trust developed and how is it lost in multistakeholder practice?

- Can power imbalance be mitigated in multistakeholder practice? How?

Topic 4 - Accountability and Transparency

- How is accountability & transparency in stakeholder groups achieved?

- How does the model deal with representational legitimacy issues?

Topic 5 - Next Steps

- How can practice be improved?

- What should the IGF do next on this BP theme


_Organization of the 90 minute session_

One thought about organizing the talk (who is committed so far - how
many - 10) is to see if they can take some of these topics/questions and
do a 2 minute thought provoker using the material in the report to kick
off each topic of the discussion.

Suggest limiting all speakers, including moderators, panelists (eople on
the dais) and participants (people in the room) to 1-2 minute interventions.

To do this we would need technical intervention to pull this off.

- Can remote moderator run a count down clock?
- Some conferences use yellow and red lights.  Not sure if that is good
or bad.


1. Panelist intros 10 @ 2 minutes each = 20 minutes

2. Each of 5 issue topic sets is given 10 minutes each, with a panelist
giving a 1-2 minute intro - 50 minutes

3. Each Panelist give 1-2 minute conclusion that can bring together the
threads the panelist thinks important from the discussion - 20 minutes

Does is seem workable?  Fixes?

If so, will need panelist volunteers for the 5 topic areas:

Topic 1 - Definitions, attributes and commonalities
Topic 2 - Stakeholders
Topic 3 - Trust
Topic 4 - Accountability and Transparency
Topic 5 - Next Steps

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