[council] Flow chart - gTLD Registration Services PDP

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Thu Oct 2 13:41:31 UTC 2014


The correction of my recall convinced me to go back are re-read the manual:

I noticed:

> Upon initiation of the PDP, a group formed at the direction of
> Council should be convened to draft the charter for the PDP Team.

Does this present problems in relation to including a charter in evan a
final Issues report at this time?

Incidentally the impact analysis questions that concern me and that I
believe need comment before the issuance of a final issue report relate to:

> The following elements should be considered in the Issue Report:
> a) The proposed issue raised for consideration

This issue includes the rights impacts  that need to be an explicit part
of the PDP.

This is such a large and critical change moving forward, we need to make
sure that the PDP starts on a solid basis.  Lets not make the same
mistakes that have been elsewhere of trying to start a large and
critical process without adequate public comment.



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