[council] Summary of GAC Communique advice on IGO & Red Cross protections; mentions of GNSO work on Whois

Bret Fausett bret at nic.sexy
Thu Oct 16 19:29:00 UTC 2014

I should also note that the GAC has opined on the work of the GNSO on new gTLDs, with this:

"The review processes should be conducted and finalised before policy for the further gTLD rounds is developed and should include community-­‐wide engagement on the issues of 6 communication to and access by developing countries and regions, and all aspects of the framework for community-­‐based gTLDs."

This is directly relevant to the work of the new gTLD discussion group. Note that they used the word “developed” and not “begun,” so I read this to say that we can begin our work, so long as we do not establish policy until that policy can take account of the reports from the other review processes.

My personal opinion is that we also are free to ignore the GAC advice entirely, as the advice is directed to the Board. We can and should offer GNSO policy advice on whatever track we believe is best, and then the Board can decide what to do with it. I don’t think we will need to reach that kind of confrontation, however, as I expect that the other review processes will complete well before the end of any PDP process that we initiate next year.


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