[council] Guide for Fadi Chehade meeting with GNSO Council / GNSO

Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Sun Feb 8 01:20:12 UTC 2015


-          Any remarks or thoughts community work load and prospective
volunteer burnout?

o   Noting that this has been picked up with SO/AC leadership forum

o   And recognising that these are high interest topics on Monday

o   Note also the issue / question of motivation of volunteers for whom
domain names are not an income

-          Transition & accountability implications

o   Council concern to ensure communication issues & co-ordination &
alignment with ICANN staff (Thomas)

-          Prompted by thinking about "What would good look like?" , a
question for you i.e. 
What are ICANN's strategic priorities as an operational entity (i.e. not the
Along the lines of the following:

o   What went right (or possibly wrong) last year? Top 3 to 5

o   What are they / this year? Top 3 to 5 items
(What are staff to be accountable to this year / KPIs?)


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