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Hi all,

Further to Byron's update below, I've put together some more detail into the key topics from ccNSO in Singapore. Hopefully they are useful/interesting for you.
Apologies for my absence.


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Item 10: ccNSO Update

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Unfortunately I will not be able attend.

The current hot topics in the ccNSO are:

1)      Framework of Interpretation (FOI) WG is coming to conclusion at this meeting.  It reviewed all existing policies regarding delegation, redelegation, and retirement of ccTLDs.  It was joint WG with the GAC, started in 2011.  We expect the GAC to be silent on the issue, neither approve nor formally object to the outcome of the FOI.  This is important due to the linkages with IANA oversight transition issue.

2)      IANA oversight transition.  As a directly affected customer of the IANA functions and a chartering member of the CWG, we are deeply involved in this rapidly evolving issue.  At this point opinions in the cc community are evolving and there is no current consensus on which "model" will become the preferred outcome.

3)      ICANN Accountability.  The cc community is a charter member of this WG, supplying one of the co-chairs as well as a number of members.  It is still early days in this groups life, but it is one that the ccNSO will also be paying close attention to.  We are expecting that some of the outputs of this WG will be required before the CWG will be able to come to any final proposals, potentially impacting the timing of CWG proposals.

Best regards,

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