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Thu Oct 29 20:00:03 UTC 2015

Hi Marika and Glen,

as discussed during the (new) council development session in Dublin communication between the parties involved in the council chair election process is essential. I tried to shed some light on this and would like to ask for your assistance.

Parties involved:
  a.. houses: CPH, NCPH; nominate each 1 chair candidate + 1 vice chair
  b.. SGs: RySG, RrSG, CSG, NCSG
  d.. council members, selected by their respective SG, C; vote
  e.. NCAs: selected by NomCom; 2 vote, 1 non voting
times to be taken into consideration:
  a.. designation of new council NCAs by NomCom
  b.. designation of new council members by SGs/Cs
  c.. nomination of chair candidates by houses
Only when this has been achieved the various communication channels deemed to be needed can be activated:
  a.. chair candidates to SGs/Cs from both houses
  b.. chair candidates to NCAs
  c.. SGs/Cs internal and between each other inside the house
  d.. SGs/Cs between houses
  e.. SGs/Cs to NCAs
  1.. check whether this is useful and complete
  2.. provide timeline relative to the election
Thanks and best regards


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