[council] Recording of Red Cross and IGO Protection GNSO Council Webinar, 2 June 2016

Nathalie Peregrine nathalie.peregrine at icann.org
Fri Jun 3 07:51:44 UTC 2016

Dear all,

Please find below the mp3 and AC recording (audio and slides) of the Red Cross and IGO Protections webinar presented to the GNSO Council today on the 2nd June 2016.

Please find the transcription attached to this email. Staff will circulate the slide deck shortly.

Mp3:<http://mailer.samanage.com/wf/click?upn=zZ8xDDIU4PY795Cika7Nmy-2FNugFnAwo9az5qWXNwufS961tbBpLpEGFbwfeM1P83kfariWsFhjG6-2FoUOQ4ds39nfe3rzZuQqnXIH0bASibQ-3D_QuA5zZR9ZZ7J1F2FeF-2FOsgm1hgIDcBrAX2P7Ezxmql7ckJc4ios1-2BxObAoz2rzLSI3c4QB1NGo7bw7XrBjpRCbz74w4vzk48UxZMFoBBQBQaQ0ePdiOjdJ30sQNHkokOf-2F2p-2FBvMgKvMhzp-2B4u8fP-2BRrSytHe2KCf2HpQmtSbpezMgNTUG57PiORAPesOotpHA-2BC4pSmXJRsVmpbNaLqzhPIaJ-2FYXmyhoklnPkn8lltbniPF9Z9VDt-2BQjg0gkvKC-2BCg-2B0dJOlGk8iPJvsGxWLGWvtw7hnwmdGfvG5zesqnRR0g83fgkZ8Z9SkhRnUdtdUsaNKeFphmHwh1vW7JfDYPYokEqGstdW5qG4MTfytvka9nw-2F9keLAUlaAMpN21jmy5wsu16YA6hcVrOcEytUfBZ9PdFLfIT1A2u9NvVycub-2FrpWg-2F4JMRJCC5Lm9p0gPDznRWBzxLf7qeJ0cKxOpGAYgi0wcFEz5p609mKZ24lP9IA6U-2FFmJ3uTvrS29uPNN>https://icann.box.com/shared/static/v7yap1be29eez4ijz2qyv6yq1ewixm3y.mp3 <https://icann.box.com/shared/static/v7yap1be29eez4ijz2qyv6yq1ewixm3y.mp3>
AC recording: ttps://icann.adobeconnect.com/p2yedtv28uv/<https://icann.adobeconnect.com/p2yedtv28uv/?OWASP_CSRFTOKEN=446542c865c6eb33796548fe743c6cdee2d6176eda661bca7db455373857ec90>

Kind regards


AC chat content - 2 June 2016
Nathalie Peregrine: (6/2/2016 16:35) Dear all, welcome to the webinar on on the background, status and potential next steps for the Red Cross and IGO protections issue on the 2nd June 2016
  James Bladel: (17:00) Thanks, Nathalie.
  James Bladel: (17:01) HOpefully at least soe others will join.
  Mason Cole: (17:03) Good morning
  Philip Corwin: (17:04) Good day. Will the PDF be distributed to Councilors, as it can't be saved?
  Philip Corwin: (17:04) Thx Mary
  Carlos Raul: (17:06) Sorry for late arrival
  Johan (Julf) Helsingius: (17:08) Apologies for being late - traffic was unhelpful
  Nathalie Peregrine: (17:08) Welcome all!
  Philip Corwin: (17:08) Can we get scroll control of the PDF? Thanks
  Keith Drazek (RySG): (17:08) Thanks for running this webinar.
  Philip Corwin: (17:10) Are these protections just at top level or also the second?
  Nathalie Peregrine: (17:10) @ Phil, Mary is driving the presentation and commenting on the slides, so I'd rather wait till the end and enable rights then. The presentation will be sent round at the end of the session
  James Bladel: (17:18) So this 90 day period expired sometime in early 2014?  Or it hasn't started yet?
  Rubens Kuhl: (17:19) They were sent by GAC to make noise... ;-)
  Donna Austin: (17:19) @James, i think at least with the IGO acronymns, they are all currently temporarily reserved in the Registry Agreement - so the 90 day claims is not in process
  Carlos Raul: (17:20) no problem james
  Carlos Raul: (17:20) I´m as lost as many others
  Rubens Kuhl: (17:20) When the GAC says "permanently protected", I don't think that Claims would cut it, since it's a notification mechanism, not an authorization mechanism.
  Rubens Kuhl: (17:21) (Even Perpetual Claims)
  James Bladel: (17:21) GOt it, thanks, Mary.
  Rubens Kuhl: (17:23) Note that reservation in this case means nobody can register the label, not even the RC entity itself.
  Donna Austin: (17:27) For what its worth, the current list of IGOs and acronyms current reserved (temporarily pending resolution of the GAC advice and PDP recommendations) are available at: https://www.icann.org/sites/default/files/packages/reserved-names/ReservedNames.xml
  Rubens Kuhl: (17:28) There are no TLDs like .redcross, since it was also blocked in the 2012-round.
  Carlos Raul: (17:29) ok Rubens. I get it now.
  Rubens Kuhl: (17:29) So we are talking about costaricaredcross.web or similar registrations at 2012-round TLDs.
  Carlos Raul: (17:30) I mean, I get it as far as I understand it.
  Carlos Raul: (17:30) Thank you very much Mary!
  Donna Austin: (17:32) Who reviews the list?
  Rubens Kuhl: (17:33) Also reserved are IOC names like Olyimpics, and I'm not seeing any reference to what will happen to them...
  Carlos Raul: (17:34) IOC is not much differentet to FIFA......
  Rubens Kuhl: (17:34) ... which is very sad for the .rio registry, which happens to be the next host city...
  Berry Cobb: (17:35) Only "olympic" and "olympiad" are reserved.
  Berry Cobb: (17:35) from the WG's report:  IOC -  "Scope 1 Identifiers: olympic, olympiad (Language: UN6, + German, Greek, and Korean)"
  Carlos Raul: (17:37) me neither........
  James Bladel: (17:38) Ah, thank you for that.  Important clarification.
  James Bladel: (17:42) Very helpful, Phil.
  Donna Austin: (17:46) I think there is an issue with the Board being resistant to 'rejecting GAC advice' and the time it will take to resolve. Had they done that two years ago, perhaps there may have been resolution.
  James Bladel: (17:46) Good to know that our concerns are consistent with our predecessor Councils.
  Carlos Raul: (17:48) Thank you Phil!
  James Bladel: (17:49) Excellent idea, Donna.
  Mary Wong: (17:53) @Phil, yes - to the extent that any unreconciled names/acronyms end up being subject only to Claims protection following a reconciliation process.
  Donna Austin: (17:53) @Mary, if you could review some of the earlier conversations between the Council and Board on this topic to understand what was discussed I think that would be helpful.
  Mary Wong: (17:53) @Donna, will do!
  Carlos Raul: (17:54) Agree with Phil on the (ñack of) efforts of ICRC at WIPO
  Donna Austin: (17:55) @Phil, I agree that is a real concern that the IGOs/GAC prefer to deal with the Board rather than the GNSO
  James Bladel: (17:55) @Phil, Donna - this is my concern as well, that these issues evolve in to Board/GAC dialogues.
  Donna Austin: (17:56) Thanks Mary, this has been really helpful.
  Mary Wong: (17:56) You're all most welcome, it was our pleasure.
  Carlos Raul: (17:57) don´t forget to send us the excelnte presentation Mary
  Johan (Julf) Helsingius: (17:57) Indeed, very helpful!
  Donna Austin: (17:57) I would like that to be a written briefing.
  Mary Wong: (17:58) @Donna, @James - both requests noted.
  Carlos Raul: (17:58) very good call
  Carlos Raul: (17:58) thnak you
  David Cake: (17:58) Thank you.
  Johan (Julf) Helsingius: (17:58) Thanks!
  Philip Corwin: (17:59) Bye all
  Wolf-Ulrich Knoben: (17:59) Thanks bye
  Keith Drazek (RySG): (17:59) Thanks all
  James Bladel: (17:59) THanks, Mary & Marika.  Helpful.

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