[council] CCWG - Accountability Members, and Work Stream 2

WUKnoben wolf-ulrich.knoben at t-online.de
Tue Jun 21 10:59:58 UTC 2016

>From the CSG Steve del Bianco used to be the appointed member for WS1.
I guess he'll remain appointed for WS 2, too.

Best regards


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Councilors -

Just a note that I have not (yet) seen any responses to this, so please
try have this confirmed today or as soon as possible.

>From the perspective of the RrSG, we put out a call for volunteers to
replace me on CCWG-ACCT Work Stream 2, but there were no takers.  As a
result, I will continue to represent the Registrar Member to this group.

Thank you,


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>Dear Council Colleagues -
>At the establishment of the CCWG-Accountability In November 2014, each
>GNSO Stakeholder Group confirmed a member to join this CCWG, in addition
>to the GNSO appointed co-chair (Thomas Rickert), the members are/were:
>Becky Burr, Steve DelBianco, Robin Gross, and myself.  Now, the
>CCWG-Accountability is transitioning from Work Stream 1 (WS1) items
>associated with the IANA transition, and beginning work on Work Stream 2
>(WS2). This is therefore an appropriate opportunity to ask each
>Stakeholder Group to re-confirm that its member selection for this CCWG.
>There are two questions at hand for each SG:  Will the current GNSO
>appointed member continue to serve through Work Stream 2?  If not, who
>will assume this role beginning in Helsinki and going forward?  From my
>own view, I do not plan to continue as a member, and plan to ask the RrSG
>to find a replacement.  Other members may have similar plans.  Finally,
>once we have confirmed or re-confirmed the slate CCWG members, we might
>also take this opportunity to discuss the Council¹s expectations of its
>appointed members, if any.
>Please coordinate with your respective ExComs and report back to the
>Council with either (a) re-confirmation of your SG's current CCWG-ACCT
>member or (b) the name and affiliation of their replacement for WS2.  We
>need this information in advance of Helsinki, so please respond on the
>list by 20 JUN 2016.
>Thank you,

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