[council] Follow up - Call between GNSO/IETF

James M. Bladel jbladel at godaddy.com
Sat May 7 14:37:46 UTC 2016

Colleagues -

As tasked by the Council, last week I met with Warren and Paul from the IETF, IAB and Technical Liaison Group (TLG).  Below are the notes captured during our conversation, along with a few points for follow-up.  I've also attached the transcripts, and a link to the MP3.

Thank you,


  *   Because David C. was unable to attend, we agreed to record the meeting.
  *   This was described as an informal discussion/brainstorming session to exchange views on how the GNSO and IETF could more closely coordinate their work.
  *   We noted that some recent decisions (.ONION) could impact both organizations, and set concerning precedent for future topics that might be on a collision course.
  *   Paul and Warren described their roles, and the function of the IAB and the liaison role for ICANN (currently Ionne is the IETF Liaison to the ICANN Board).
  *   The IETF is fairly open or "flat" with no constituencies.  It operates on a rough consensus model, and conducts most of its work via mailing lists, one of the most prominent being the DNS Ops list.  This is the most likely forum for overlapping topics to arise. Suzanne Woolfe is chair of the DNS Ops Working Group.
  *   IETF is also concerned about the potential for controversial or contentious issues like .ONION.  They don't want to "get in to the names business", and are currently discussing ways to define & address this problem.
     *   Note from Russ Housely from IAB to the ICANN Board on the issue of "Special Use Names": https://datatracker.ietf.org/liaison/1351/
  *   Another issue is RDAP - there isn't any way to test RDAP with live data.  IETF is interested in working with GNSO on proposals for a test bed.  (Follow up:  James and Staff to learn more, and see if we can connect them with CPH or ICANN resources?)
  *   We also discussed ways to gain greater visibility to each others activities, and identify & raise new issues.
     *   Leverage overlapping membership, especially from companies & organizations that participate in both GNSO/ICANN and IETF.
     *   Consider informal meetings during ICANN events
     *   Receive reports/updates from DNS Tech Day (occurs in conjunction with ICANN events)
     *   Monitor & participate in the DNSOps Mailing list
     *   More regular communication with existing IETF liaisons and leadership (Suzanne, Ionne and Andrew Sullivan)
Paul Wouters
Warren Kumari
James Bladel

Glen de saint Gery
Marika Konings
Yesim Nazlar
Michelle DeSmyter

MP3: https://icann.box.com/shared/static/5ksvgda4qm6trazgq3ja77zga0cmaeec.mp3<http://mailer.samanage.com/wf/click?upn=zZ8xDDIU4PY795Cika7Nmy-2FNugFnAwo9az5qWXNwufRXMnOGE2ZghFlaOR7cMFqfddOxYTqaLFYl1LF-2BelCOygikAUN-2FOGTLgLqAoJc3Avo-3D_V-2FUUiW5KvBPNV-2FItFYsbuHO4zd-2BUal4LJ1ZyDU1-2F4dkA9vW1i-2FfgpALanPu7bfavWdCFbi-2FxNk8-2BFTKtYl-2Bkk-2BSXFOq71wKBzZezsP-2F3-2BqmC0hfmHF0x89PHY-2BB5vR4mrc9Bxj4QQc4S3rUGOG7kG-2Bm6EoB0nXn6GIKhMInePa-2FmPt-2FOCcOgOE6ZNLe11gAdDYHp92BQ4w5VIh0gk7ee0HZ2FKhJIFAoae7nX1eozOAAoX9KtIktJRSDUjg6exF0dg9yCQnStSBf-2Frxx-2BaAzSIOoF4mahbuRjAQJkBqmwIC1qY0ZwKch3CGzMv3UdiZO7JfKk9eqhPiLYN-2F4grbjVgcQBNG7RJux-2BwTUxWL8J4dvvOiV3IKfZ0elvXzOLACtjj6tfPotNxwGHuJO02HsHAsvXSSQWvifTscCKgWMlX-2BDqZNaP9gl9AzP47185hpKl3TpVT0R9Pdjc-2FA1uD5Ycug9CxlR0WlY2JLEPHokZGyiecLYxbJ-2BBb4fCle3nhq8>

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