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All, one additional option, or one that may fit underneath bullet one and/or
two, is bringing back to life the mailing list that was created a while ago
by a previous Council member, Mikey O¹Connor, which was intended to allow
for review and discussion of those interested (Council members, GNSO
community members, SSAC members) of SSAC reports in view of determining how
these should / could be relevant to GNSO Policy Development activities. This
list is still in place and would probably just need someone to moderate /
initiate discussions at the time of publication of new SSAC documents.

In relation to bullet 3, please note that PDP WGs are strongly encouraged
(and in practice all do so) to reach out to all SO/Acs, which includes the
SSAC, to request for input at an early stage of its deliberations.

Best regards,


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Subject:  Re: [council] Action Item - GNSO/SSAC Liaison(s)

Thanks, Wolf-Ulrich, Stephanie, Julf, David, and Carlos for contributing
your thoughts.  In order to bring this topic to a close for our next
meeting, here¹s what I¹m hearing from the group:
* Change the format of the GNSO/SSAC interactions, post topics in advance
and promote a more free flowing discussion.  Come prepared with questions,
and encourage SSAC to tailor their materials & updates to active GNSO work.
* Leverage the overlap ­ encourage members who participate in both
communities, and ICANN Staff, to highlight mutual areas of interest and flag
for discussion by GNSO/SSAC.  For example,some SSAC resources are public,
which would allow one or two Councilors to volunteer as informal liaisons
(e.g. keeping up with the lists & new publications, and reporting back to
Council with any material topics).
* Create an ³SSAC Consultation² step as part of the start up activities of
new PDPs.  Perhaps this could be merged with the existing SG/C
comment/consultation steps?
* No strong consensus to establish a formal liaison at this time, but keep
this path open if future circumstances warrant the position.
I hope this reflects our discussion.  If there are no further comments by
Monday, I¹ll report back to Patrik.

Thank you -


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Subject: Re: [council] Action Item - GNSO/SSAC Liaison(s)

I definitely agree with Stephanie, in particular No. 3. This exchange is of
value if prepared with more detailed questions related to the impact of SSAC
to GNSO work. As we do in relation to other ACs (e.g. GAC).
If this exchange could be improved then I see the formalization as
consequential step.

Best regards


From: Stephanie Perrin <mailto:stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca>
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Subject: Re: [council] Action Item - GNSO/SSAC Liaison(s)
1.  I think this discussion is very valuable.  When Patrik has said, "we
have this document, go read it", I have done so and found them to be
excellent resources.  We should explore ways to support greater use of and
understanding of their work, certainly.
2.  A formal liaison would be useful to keep their workplans and priorities
on our radar, and vice verse.
3.  Advance planning for SSAC briefings, including suggested reading on
their side,  and a list of questions on our side would make the briefings
more relevant.  Then we could have a richer discussion.
4.  I think we should formalize a kind of SSAC review when we develop the
PDP charters.  Consultation at that stage would ensure that relevant SSAC
existing work. or future security concerns, could be flagged.  For instance,
in the RDS PDP David mentioned, in my view the EWG report should be read
with the SSAC comments on the EWG draft in hand.  Certainly we have several
members of SSAC on the RDS pdp, but sometimes these things are hit and miss,
a formal review could be helpful to ensure coverage, and a liaison would
also be useful to help SSAC anticipate new work we are needing help on.
In short, all four of your bullets are great in my view.
Stephanie Perrin

On 2016-04-22 16:53, James M. Bladel wrote:
> Council Colleagues -
> Continuing with the ³spring cleaning² of our Action Item list,  here¹s another
> item that has been in a pending state for quite some time.
> Yesterday I was able to meet with Patrik  (Chairs, SSAC) to discuss ideas to
> strengthen coordination between our two organizations, up to and including a
> formal exchange of liaisons.  As we¹ve noted previously, the SSAC¹s rules
> require that any of its members (including a potential liaison) would need to
> meet the general membership requirements, which include a non-disclosure
> agreement (NDA).
> Patrik and I also discussed alternatives to a formal liaison that would keep
> the two groups mutually informed. We both agreed that the standard SSAC
> presentation/Q&A sessions at ICANN meetings had limited value, and we should
> revise the format to specifically address topics where either or both sides
> had specific questions or asks.
> Furthermore, Patrik noted that some PDPs could benefit from existing or
> planned SSAC research, and we should reinforce the availability of the SSAC as
> a resource for new PDPs.  We also observed that there is significant
> membership overlap between some individuals and groups, and that this should
> be leveraged to enhance cooperation.  Finally, ICANN Staff can help facilitate
> communication between the GNSO (Council & PDPs) and SSAC, if they flag topics
> that have potentially shared interests, and raise this with leadership of all
> groups.
> Possible action items / paths forward:
> 1. Continue to pursue formal exchange of liaisons between the GNSO & SSAC,
> noting the constraints listed above.
> 2. Modify the SSAC/GNSO sessions at ICANN meetings to be a more free-flowing
> conversation about topics that share mutual interests.
> 3. Encourage PDPs and other GNSO groups to consider the utility &
> applicability of SSAC research in their work.
> 4. Ask Staff to help facilitate information exchange between the two groups.
> I look forward to your thoughts & comments on this subject.
> Thanks‹
> J.

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