[council] Proposed letter to the Drafting Team

James M. Bladel jbladel at godaddy.com
Sun May 22 17:35:07 UTC 2016

Hi Paul -

Thanks for kicking this off.  Generally, I'm good with this letter.  A few questions/comments:

  *   Given the compressed timeline, can we ask Staff to confirm whether or not the Drafting Team will have an opportunity to amend the proposed bylaws before submitting to the Board?  I'm assuming they will, but...
  *   Should we also cc: the Board and/or CCWG Co-Chairs? (hedge)
  *   With the Comment Period now closed, could we task someone from Policy Staff to assist Paul in gathering links to GNSO comments?
  *   The Board is meeting this week to consider the draft bylaws.  It is therefore imperative that we move quickly to get this sent.  Councilors, please send edits/comments/concerns by EOD (Pacific) Monday to ensure that this is posted overnight Tuesday.

Thanks again-


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Subject: [council] Proposed letter to the Drafting Team

Hi all,

On our last call, I volunteered t draft a short letter from James to the Bylaws Drafting Team.  Here is the proposed body of that letter to be kicked around the Council list:


Dear Bylaws Drafting Team:

The GNSO Council thanks you for your efforts in attempting to distill the instructions found in the CCWG-Accountability Report into a revised version of ICANN's Bylaws.  We note that the draft Bylaws have generated significant public comment from members of the GNSO community.  These include:

[Paul McGrady to pull these links out of the public comment after it closes]

We ask you to carefully review each of these comments and give them serious consideration.  It is important that the revised Bylaws remain faithful to the CCWG-Accountability Report on which we, as a Council, were called upon to vote in Marrakech.  We are fully at your disposal should you wish to consult us on any issue raised in the comments generated by the GNSO community.

Kind regards,
James Bladel

policy at paulmcgrady.com<mailto:policy at paulmcgrady.com>

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