[council] Reminder: Hyderabad meeting requests

Heather Forrest Heather.Forrest at acu.edu.au
Thu Sep 8 12:42:06 UTC 2016

Colleagues -

Per our earlier discussions and Glen's helpful reminders, please note that requests for f2f meeting sessions at ICANN57 are due by EOD 8 SEP 2016 (due to time zone differences, for some that's today when receiving this message, for others tomorrow).  Requests received by this (earlier than initially announced) date have the advantage of our newly added step in the process: after being reviewed by the Council vice chairs, a list of all requests will be circulated on the Council list, and Councillors can then share this list with their respective SGs/Cs. The extra few days enables this community input into the vice chairs' review process while still ensuring that we meet ICANN's internal deadline.

Requests received between 9 SEP and 12 SEP will be reviewed by the vice chairs but time will not permit community input into the outcome of vice chair review.

Requests received after 12 SEP (the final deadline as initially announced to Council) will not be accepted if time and space constraints do not permit further bookings at that point.

Keep in mind that resources (time on the calendar, meeting space, staff, etc.) are limited, and will be allocated in an equitable manner.  Also, given the nature of the GNSO Community, priority will be assigned to PDPs, IRTs, and other groups directly supporting policy work.  Finally, we will make every effort to minimize scheduling conflicts and topic duplication or overlap.

Thank you-

Heather Forrest

on behalf of

James Bladel, GNSO Council Chair
Donna Austin, GNSO Council Vice Chair, Contracted Parties' House
Heather Forrest, GNSO Council Vice Chair, Non-Contracted Parties' House

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