[council] NCSG Councillor Election Results

James M. Bladel jbladel at godaddy.com
Mon Sep 12 09:10:23 UTC 2016

Congrats to our incoming & returning Councilors, and thanks to David for his service (altho your time with us is not quite finished for a couple of months).



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Subject: Re: [council] NCSG Councillor Election Results

Thanks to all for their encouragement!  Sorry to see David Cake leaving our merry band, but delighted to have Rafik join us on council.


On 2016-09-11 14:37, Austin, Donna wrote:
Good to have you back Stephanie and Ed, look forward to working with you Rafik.


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On Sep 10, 2016, at 3:51 PM, Glen de Saint Géry <Glen at icann.org<mailto:Glen at icann.org>> wrote:

Dear Councillors,

On behalf ofTapani Tarvainen, the Chair of the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group, we are pleased to inform you of NCSG Councillor election results:

Rafik Dammak, Asia (term ending 2018)
Edward Morris, Europe (term ending 2018)
Stephanie Perrin, North America (term ending 2018)

Thank you.
Kind regards,


Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat
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