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Dear Councillors,

Please find the Action Items from the GNSO Council Meeting on 1 September 2016.
Please provide your comments and let us know if we have missed any items.

Thank you.
Kind regards,



Item 1: Administrative matters


·        Staff to note in meeting minutes the votes taken on 9 August, including that they were by email ballots (IN PROCESS)

Item 2: Opening Remarks / Review of Projects & Action List


·        Staff to send out Doodle poll to find out if current and incoming Councilors will be present in Hyderabad (including for the Council Development Session on 10 November) (IN PROCESS)

Item 3: Consent Agenda

APPROVED: updated dates for selection of GNSO Liaison to the GAC

Item 4: COUNCIL VOTE - Approval of Recommendations from the Standing Committee on GNSO Improvements


·        Motion passed unanimously (NOTE: Motion as passed was amended from the motion as proposed - the sentence "The SCI is hereby disbanded" was deleted from the Resolved clauses as a friendly amendment prior to the vote)


·        Staff to confirm that the Charter for the new GNSO Review Working Group includes a mandate for the group to handle future requests to review GNSO procedures (DONE)

·        Staff to post updated Operating Procedures to the GNSO website (DONE)

Item 5: COUNCIL VOTE - Adoption of Implementation Advisory Group Recommendations to Update Procedure on WHOIS Conflicts with National Laws


·        None; motion was withdrawn following Council discussion


·        Council leadership to initiate discussion on a proposed way forward on next steps for the GNSO concerning the Implementation Advisory Group Recommendations, including whether or not, and when, the motion should be reintroduced (IN PROCESS)

Item 6: COUNCIL DISCUSSION - ICANN Board Letter on New gTLD Subsequent Procedures


·        Council leadership to request input from SG/Cs as well as new gTLD Subsequent procedures PDP Working Group on questions raised in the ICANN Board letter in time for next GNSO Council meeting in view of crafting a consensus response by the Council.

Item 7: COUNCIL DISCUSSION - Next Steps for the Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance


·        Discussion deferred to next meeting, where it will be moved higher up in the agenda to ensure there is adequate time for deliberation with a view toward Council action at ICANN57 in Hyderabad. Council leadership to send a note to the Council providing further details in relation to the reason for this topic being on the agenda.

Item 8: COUNCIL DISCUSSION - Proposed Cost Control Mechanisms and Request for GNSO Council Validation of the Budget for the Cross Community Working Group on Ensuring ICANN Accountability (CCWG-Accountability)


·        Discussion to continue, with SGs and Constituencies encouraged to continue to contribute comments, with a view of concluding on the request for validation during the next Council meeting.

Item 9: COUNCIL DISCUSSION - Planning and Scheduling for ICANN57


·        Councilors to contribute comments to the email thread on the Council mailing list regarding suggestions for improving planning and decision making on GNSO sessions.

·        Council leadership to send a note explaining the proposed process for reviewing meeting requests.

·        Councilors to ensure they begin the visa application process in a timely manner

Item 10: Any Other Business

10.1 - Discussion of note from Chris Disspain on status of IGO acronyms protection work (https://gnso.icann.org/mailing-lists/archives/council/docxwBd6RaeZsW.docx)


·        Councilors to send comments on Chris' note via email to the Council list

10.2 - Appointment of liaisons to IRTs


·        Continue discussion on the mailing list - note volunteer that has come forward for T & T IRT (Amr) as well as suggestion that appointments be made at a time when incoming Councilors will be known and thus eligible to volunteer

10.3 - GNSO Chair/Vice-Chair election timetable


·        Staff to circulate to Council mailing list (IN PROCESS)

10.4 - Proposed measures for 2-letter labels to be released


·        Continue discussion on Council list

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