[council] FOR REVIEW/COMMENTS: Draft GNSO Council response on gTLD policy issues in the GAC Copenhagen Communique

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Sat Apr 22 16:46:10 UTC 2017

Item #1, I suggest we change:

A motion to invoke this process is currently under consideration

A motion to invoke this extraordinary process is currently under consideration.

Item #4

Typos –defind should be defined and containted should be contained and committment should be commitment.
Otherwise, looks swell to me.


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Councilors –

Please see attached for a revised version of this comment document.  Note that due to a configuration error, I appear as both “James Bladel” and “Microsoft User”.   I’ve attempted to clarify existing comments, but I believe we still have some work to do in item #2 (IGO Protections).  I’m good with the other elements of the comment.

As we are attempting to hit a short deadline, please review and provide your comments as soon as possible.  I will then work with Staff to (a) restructure this document in the form of a letter that can be sent to the Board and (b) prepare a new formal motion for consideration at or before our next meeting.

Thank you,


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Subject: [council] FOR REVIEW/COMMENTS: Draft GNSO Council response on gTLD policy issues in the GAC Copenhagen Communique

Dear Councilors,

As discussed on the Council call yesterday, please find attached the current draft of a possible GNSO Council response to the gTLD policy issues raised in the GAC’s Copenhagen Communique. Staff had taken the liberty, when assisting the group of Council volunteers on this effort, of inserting certain comments and suggestions that are also reflected in the document.

Please review the document and send your comments and suggestions to this mailing list. As noted on the Council call, the Board’s call with the GAC on the Communique is scheduled for 27 April, so it will be ideal if the Council chairs are in a position to send a note generally highlighting the Council’s views before that date, with a view toward formal Council adoption of the final text at the Council’s next meeting in mid-May.

Thanks and cheers

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