[council] PLEASE REVIEW: updated draft GNSO Block Schedule for ICANN58

Mary Wong mary.wong at icann.org
Thu Jan 26 00:13:39 UTC 2017

Dear Councilors,

Following additional coordination with our colleagues supporting other SO/ACs and projects, we have updated the draft GNSO Block Schedule that was last circulated for the Council meeting last Thursday. Please use the attached, updated version for your and your group’s planning purposes as it contains several substantial updates.

These changes include:

·         Updated timings for the various sessions on Day 2 (Sunday 12 March), which is the all-day GNSO Working Session

·         A slightly earlier start for Day 2 (Sunday), to allow for an on-time start (given the single day allocation, there is also an assumption that the preparation for the joint meetings with the Board, GAC and ccNSO will be done prior to ICANN58, e.g. via teleconference and the mailing list)

·         Addition of a session for data privacy (per Council discussion on the call last week, which request has now been conveyed to the Meetings Team)

·         A 2-hour slot (per Council leadership request) on Day 5 (Wednesday 15 March) for the GNSO Council Public Meeting

·         Specific allocated slots on Day 5 (Wednesday) for those GNSO Working Groups, CCWGs (other than Accountability), and IRTs in which GNSO community members are involved – note that staff is proposing these slots after consultation with colleagues from GDD and ccNSO and GAC support

Staff is now in the process of preparing GNSO session requests for submission into the overall ICANN meeting schedule. In that regard, I’ll note that those SG/C requests that were sent to Glen are also being processed by staff at this time.

Thanks and cheers
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