[council] [Urgent] Draft GNSO Review of GAC Communique

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Rafik, Donna and all, thanks for this, it’s fine with me.

I guess it’s “encourage the GAC to strengthen…” at the end of the first paragraph (no s, [we] encourage).


Philippe Fouquart

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Thanks, Donna for those changes, I am attached the new version of the GNSO response which includes them.


2018-04-11 10:18 GMT+09:00 Austin, Donna <Donna.Austin at team.neustar<mailto:Donna.Austin at team.neustar>>:
Rafik, all

I’m really sorry for these late additions, but I think we could be clearer in our message on Other Issues and as such suggest the following replace what we currently have:

Identifying whether an issue has public policy implications is not the role of the PDP WG. This is generally because its members are not assumed to have this particular expertise. The introduction of the quick look mechanism, a recommendation of the GAC-GNSO Consultation Group, is an important mechanism that provides the GAC an opportunity to identify public policy issues early in the PDP lifecycle.  We acknowledge that the GAC-GNSO Consultation Group also encouraged PDP Working Groups to communicate to the GAC about how its input has been considered and addressed; and also encourages the GAC to strengthen its participation in the latter stages of the PDP.

The Council acknowledges the challenges associated with GAC members being able to participate in PDP efforts and in that regard, we greatly appreciate the manner in which GAC members are participating in WT5 of the Subsequent Procedures PDP WG, particularly with regard to identifying public policy issues.



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Hi all,

we have to send our response asap, the GAC-Board call is scheduled for Wednesday and so we got a short time window to finalize it.
please raise any concerns you want to flag asap attaching the doc again for your review.



2018-04-09 19:55 GMT+09:00 Rafik Dammak <rafik.dammak at gmail.com<mailto:rafik.dammak at gmail.com>>:
Hi all,

please find attached for your review and feedback the draft version of GNSO Review of GAC Communique. from the small team of volunteers.




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