[council] Draft SSR2 letter from GNSO Council and Council motion

Heather Forrest haforrestesq at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 03:41:17 UTC 2018

Dear colleagues,

With thanks to the small team (Keith, Arsene, Carlos, Susan, me) that has
been working on this since our December Council meeting, attached please
find a draft letter to the SO/AC chairs on our current thinking on the
SSR2-RT pause. This will be on our January agenda as a discussion item (ie,
no motion/vote).

Please note I suggested in last week's SO/AC leaders' call the idea of
bringing in an external facilitator. I think it is important that the RT be
empowered to work through any issues (the SO/AC leaders conducted an
anonymous survey of RT members soon after ICANN60, which raised a number of
possible improvements, but little consistency across responses). I do not
believe that the RT is best served by being asked/forced to implement some
plan developed by the SO/ACs on their behalf, or - worse in my view - a
plan developed by the SO/AC leaders or the Board Organisational
Effectiveness Committee.

I will provide an update on developments within the SO/AC leadership during
our meeting and will be very happy to answer any questions to the best of
my ability. I am hopeful that we can agree on this communication to the
SO/AC leaders, as it's timely and also reassures SSR2-RT of the GNSO
Council's commitment to their efforts (ie, they have not been forgotten!).

Best wishes,

Heather Forrest
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