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What about .Amazon?

On June 27, 2018 11:20:56 AM EST, Johan Helsingius <julf at julf.com> wrote:
>On 27-06-18 17:02, Johan Helsingius wrote:
>> Looking forward to the GAC/Board meeting. Will report back.
>Again apologies for the rather unpolished and unstructured notes, but
>wanted to get them to you promptly.
>From the GAC / board discussion  on GDPR:
>- Does the board plan adjustments to temp spec?
>   Göran confirmed the discussion should happen in the GNSO EPGP.
>   Chris Disspain stated that the board doesn't plan any changes, but
>doesn't rule it out.
>- Unfied Access Model
>    Org will seek guidance from DPAs based on model proposed by
>    progress depends on if org gets advice from DPAs, and what the
>advice is
>- Coordination of the different threads and efforts
>   Chris Disspain sees EPDP and access model as parallel efforts,
>   but "there is a framework for coordination", the board will assess
>   situation each 90 days as it decides about renewing temporary
>   closely affiliating with GNSO and GAC.
>   Org is eagerly waiting for budget input from GNSO
>   On a question on GAC participation/liaison with the EPDP, Manal did
>   the wish for 5 members, and mentioned desire for equal / balanced
>   There was concern expressed about scope (wanting access and
>   included), but Chris Disspain stated that from the point of timing,
>it might be better
>   to do access separately, perhaps as another temporary specification
>(that can then
>   later be made the subject of a PDP / EPDP).
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