[council] [Epdp-dt] Unified Access Model

Johan Helsingius julf at julf.com
Wed Jun 27 16:20:56 UTC 2018

On 27-06-18 17:02, Johan Helsingius wrote:

> Looking forward to the GAC/Board meeting. Will report back.

Again apologies for the rather unpolished and unstructured notes, but
wanted to get them to you promptly.

>From the GAC / board discussion  on GDPR:

- Does the board plan adjustments to temp spec?

   Göran confirmed the discussion should happen in the GNSO EPGP.
   Chris Disspain stated that the board doesn't plan any changes, but
doesn't rule it out.

- Unfied Access Model

    Org will seek guidance from DPAs based on model proposed by icann.org.
    progress depends on if org gets advice from DPAs, and what the advice is

- Coordination of the different threads and efforts

   Chris Disspain sees EPDP and access model as parallel efforts,
   but "there is a framework for coordination", the board will assess the
   situation each 90 days as it decides about renewing temporary
   closely affiliating with GNSO and GAC.
   Org is eagerly waiting for budget input from GNSO

   On a question on GAC participation/liaison with the EPDP, Manal did
   the wish for 5 members, and mentioned desire for equal / balanced
   There was concern expressed about scope (wanting access and accreditation
   included), but Chris Disspain stated that from the point of timing,
it might be better
   to do access separately, perhaps as another temporary specification
(that can then
   later be made the subject of a PDP / EPDP).

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