[council] Invitation - RSVP - ICANN Leadership Program (LP) 2019 - deadline Wednesday 7 November

Maxim Alzoba m.alzoba at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 16:20:02 UTC 2018

I'll second that .

It is an excellent program , and will help to better find compromises /
identify a conflicts / cure that and to save time.

P.s: will answer questions if you have any about it . I was waiting in the
queue for three years and it was well worth it.

Maxim Alzoba

On Tue, Nov 6, 2018, 15:32 Rubens Kuhl <rubensk at nic.br wrote:

> As one the  LP alumni, I strongly recommend it and feel free to ask me
> privately about what it is, what to expect etc.
> Rubens
> On 6 Nov 2018, at 10:15, Marika Konings <marika.konings at icann.org> wrote:
> Dear All,
> Please see below the invitation for candidates to participate in the ICANN
> Leadership Program which is scheduled to take place 7-8 March 2019, two
> days prior to the official start of ICANN64 in Kobe, Japan. One seat is
> reserved for the GNSO Council (SG/Cs have been invited to put forward
> candidates separately). If you are interested, please state your interest
> on the Council mailing list by Wednesday 7 November at the latest
> (apologies for the short deadline). Should there be more than one
> candidate, the Council leadership team will decide how to proceed.
> Thanks,
> Marika
> *From: *Public Responsibility Support <prs at icann.org>
> *Date: *Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 4:27 PM
> *To: *Heather Forrest <haforrestesq at gmail.com>
> *Cc: *Ergys Ramaj <ergys.ramaj at icann.org>, "info at hoferichter.eu" <
> info at hoferichter.eu>, Marika Konings <marika.konings at icann.org>
> *Subject: *Invitation - RSVP - ICANN Leadership Program (LP) 2019
> Dear Heather,
> The ICANN Academy Leadership Program (LP) during the ICANN61 Meeting in
> Puerto Rico
> <https://community.icann.org/display/LTP/2018+Leadership+Program> was
> another success and we are now preparing the 6th edition that is
> scheduled to take place 7-8 March 2019, two days prior to the official
> start of ICANN64 in Kobe, Japan.
> For this program, one (1) seat is reserved for a representative from the
> GNSO Council. The program is designed for current *and *incoming leaders,
> helping to increase understanding of the complexity of ICANN and to develop
> facilitation skills, as well as building a network with other leaders. We
> are aware that understanding ICANN as an organization, the topics discussed
> within ICANN, and interaction within other stakeholder groups can
> be  challenging for incoming leaders, but sometimes also for experienced
> leaders. ICANN and the community are making considerable efforts in order
> to help incoming leaders have a good start to their terms and to provide
> current leaders the opportunity to strengthen their leadership and
> facilitation skills. Opportunities for Leadership Program participants
> include the following:
>    - Meet leaders from the other SOs/ACs and get an insight of the
>    functionality and issues in other groups
>    - Discuss current  ICANN topics in an in-depth manner
>    - Deepen the understanding of key ICANN processes
>    - Develop facilitation and leadership skills, focused personal
>    effectiveness to run meetings and foster processes
> A preliminary program is attached to this email. Kindly note that this is
> subject to change.
> Accommodation for participants will be covered between Wednesday and
> Thursday, 6-7 March 2019, and participants will receive a stipend. Please
> note that flights will *NOT* be covered under this program, as incoming
> and current leaders are normally covered by the regular ICANN travel
> support. Please ensure that the leaders you select are being covered by
> ICANN Travel Support for their flights to Kobe for ICANN64.
> We would like to ask you to identify one incoming or current leader from
> your stakeholder group who is interested and available to participate in
> this program. We recommend that you also identify an alternate candidate.
> Kindly forward us the names and email addresses of the endorsed individuals
> no later than *Thursday, 8 November 2018*, and ask them to register here
> <https://goo.gl/forms/HAInCnPEwsYRxKFs2> by 23:59 UTC on 8 November as
> well.
> We hope this program will meet the needs of your community. All
> participants will be encouraged to partake in an open exchange of their
> views, as this will help facilitate cross-constituency collaboration during
> their terms.
> We are very happy to answer any questions you may have on this exciting LP
> and look forward to having your group’s participants confirmed.
> Kind regards,
> Sandra Hoferichter, Chair of the ICANN Academy Working Group
> Ergys Ramaj, VP, Public Responsibility Support
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