[council] GNSO Council meeting with the Board at ICANN63 -urgent call for objections

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Mon Oct 8 23:46:02 UTC 2018

Thanks Heather.

I think this plan makes sense.  Let’s bring them some of the concrete ideas that came out of the LA meeting, e.g. limits on the size of WG participants, strict timeframes to get the work done, etc.  I’d really like to see what the Board thinks about the GNSO Council running a tighter ship.


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Dear Council colleagues,

I put out a call for questions for the Board some time ago and got no response. Leadership has given this quite a bit of thought, and particularly referred back to the ideas Rafik raised in our Strategic Planning Session back in January about moving away from a they ask-we ask type setup.

In the meantime, I received the agenda for the SO/AC Chairs' workshop which falls on the Friday before ICANN63 begins, and it contains the following discussion item:

How should ICANN's multi stakeholder model of governance and Policy Development Process evolve to balance the increasing need for inclusivity, accountability and transparency, with the imperative of getting our work done and our policies developed in a more effective and timely manner, and with the efficient utilization of ICANN’s resources?

Donna, Rafik and I propose to you all that we spend our time with the Board workshopping this question - it would be interesting to hear their perspective, and we have much to bring to the table in this discussion from Council's perspective.

We're very late behind the deadline because this one got buried in my inbox (which looks like a natural disaster as ICANN63 bears down, so apologies if you've emailed me and haven't yet received a response) so I'll ask for a quick call for objections. Hearing none within 24 hours, we'll send this on to Board Ops.

Many thanks, best wishes, stay sane in the run up to Barcelona,


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