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Hi all,

I have joined a couple of the recent EPDP WG calls as an observer, and I have a few observations and questions we should consider. From a Council “process management” perspective, these are intended to be constructive in the hopes of ensuring success of the EPDP:

*       Following the Triage exercise, the EPDP working group does not appear to be working toward answering the questions contained in the Charter in a systematic way. What was the decision process behind not following the Charter questions? When will the group return to the Charter questions?

*       What does the WG leadership see as the ultimate outcome of this EPDP, and what do we as Council expect the deliverable to be? Rather than focusing on the gating questions enumerated in the Charter, the WG has been engaged in a Temp Spec red-lining exercise.  Is our expected deliverable a list of policy recommendations or a revised version of the Temporary Specification? Or both?  We should all be clear on the expected deliverable.

*       After 12 meetings and the Triage process, there doesn’t appear to be much progress toward consensus. It seems that different groups keep restating their positions with little variation when it comes to discussing purposes. Does leadership have a plan for breaking through this and moving the ball forward? Do we as Council need to provide additional guidance or clarification?

*       Noting that the discussion on many calls seems to meander, it might be helpful for leadership and staff to identify a goal or goals that the day’s discussion is meant to achieve, and to communicate such goal(s) to the WG prior to the call along with the agenda.

*       Have leadership and staff developed a plan for how to structure the face-to-face meeting in Los Angeles later this month?

Thanks, and I welcome further discussion on this. I know the WG leadership and staff and members/alternates are all working hard under very compressed timelines, so we should look for opportunities to help focus and streamline the work without interfering in the substantive discussions.



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Thanks, Rafik.  Have a couple of questions from your update:

*       What is the deadline for EPDP members to complete the training?
*       You noted the project is behind, and I see the items highlighted in yellow as “manageable delay/issue.”  You agree that these are manageable?  I wasn’t sure from your update.



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hi all,

please find the EPDP update of last week. Happy to answer questions.

Best Regards,


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