[council] FW: DRAFT - 2019 GNSO Council Strategic Planning Session Report

Steve Chan steve.chan at icann.org
Tue Feb 26 21:43:13 UTC 2019

Thanks very much for the suggested changes and input Darcy. I will revert a red-lined document tomorrow, to allow for any additional input from other Councilors.





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Thanks for the reminder, Keither.  And thanks to staff for putting this report together.  We discussed so many issues and concepts in detail during that three days ... the level of detail caputured in tihs report is impressive.  I've added some comments to the attached to highlight points of clarification or expanded detail from my perspective.





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Hi all,


A reminder to please review the 2019 SPS Report and provide any suggested edits or comments to Steve by tomorrow.






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Dear Councilors,


Attached, please find the draft report from the 2019 GNSO Council Strategic Planning Session, which seeks to capture objectives, discussions, agreements, and action items for each of the three days. The report has been added as a brief AOB item for the upcoming Council meeting, not necessarily to discuss in detail, but to provide a high-level overview and to communicate a deadline for your review and suggested edits. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.








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