[council] REQUEST FOR INPUT and the EPDP Team input in response to GNSO Council's request

Drazek, Keith kdrazek at verisign.com
Wed Jun 12 22:14:25 UTC 2019

Hi all,

As requested, the EPDP Team submitted its input (attached) on the Phase 1 recommendations to the GNSO Council in advance of our interaction with the ICANN Board in Marrakech.

If your respective SGs and Cs have any further input to the Council, please send it to the Council list by this Friday so we can plan accordingly.

Our interaction with the Board in Marrakech will be the beginning of our dialogue on this matter.



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Subject: [EXTERNAL] EPDP Team input in response to GNSO Council's request

Dear Keith,

Following the request of the GNSO Council for the EPDP Team to identify any questions, comments or concerns to be shared with the ICANN Board in relation to their action on the EPDP Phase 1 Recommendations, 3 groups provided their feedback (see Annex A) which the EPDP Team discussed during its meeting on 6 June 2019. Although there was not sufficient time to formalize and agree on an EPDP Team response, the team felt it important to share the different perspectives with you to help inform the Council’s preparation for the consultation process with the ICANN Board. My take-away from the discussion was that:

•         In relation to purpose 2, there is general understanding for why the Board decided to not adopt this purpose and the EPDP Team confirms that it considers it firmly within its scope for phase 2 to further review this purpose in the context of the System for Standardized Access / Disclosure (SSAD);

•         For recommendation #12, some additional context has been provided that may help explain the thinking behind the EPDP Team’s original recommendation. However, there is no agreement at this stage on whether or not the Board’s non-adoption should be supported.

The EPDP Team understands that following the GNSO Council’s consultation with the ICANN Board you will follow up with us to provide an update on dialogue with ICANN Board and request further input on the possible next steps for GNSO Council. The EPDP Team stands ready to assist as needed.

Best regards,

Janis Karklins

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