[council] GAC Communique

Arsène Tungali arsenebaguma at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 13:58:24 UTC 2019

Thanks for the heads up, Julf, that's useful!

2019-11-06 8:40 UTC−05:00, Johan Helsingius <julf at julf.com>:
> Dear Council colleagues,
> This is an early look at the GAC communique as it is being
> drafted - more drafting going on today, but this is the
> situation so far:
> In the informational part (not advice, just commentary) there will
> be something about SubPro WT5 Geo names asking for a system for
> timely notifications to GAC members (like the current 2-character
> code tool).
> In the follow-up to previous GAC advice section there will be
> a suggestion not to proceed with next newgTLDs round until
> recommendations identified as prerequisites or high priority
> in the CCT Review are implemented.
> There will also be a request to proceed with the implementation
> of the Red Cross/Crescent and IGO protection mechanisms.
> In the formal consensus advice part, there will be an item
> asking EPDP Phase 1 to provide detailed work plan and
> timetable for implementation, and for Phase 2 a request to make
> sure ICANN org operates "reasonable access" in a reasonable
> manner (whatever that means) and for ICANN Compliance to create
> complaints process for unreasonable denial of requests for data.
> Furthermore on WHOIS/GDPR there will be a request for PPSAI
> implementation to proceed in parallel and not be deferred until
> end of EPDP process.
>  .amazon remains a hotly debated topic. There might be text
> to again be asking board to facilitate, or at least explain
> why it didn't follow GAC advice, but there is no consensus
> on this so far.
> Will give update as things become more solid towards the end
> of the day.
> Your friendly GAC liaison,
> 	Julf
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