[council] GAC Communique

Johan Helsingius julf at julf.com
Thu Nov 7 15:01:44 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to report that the Communique drafting ended with
no new issues popping up, with only wordsmithing going on.

dot amazon will be mentioned, hopefully for the last time,
but not as formal advice.


On 06/11/2019 08:40, Johan Helsingius wrote:
> Dear Council colleagues,
> This is an early look at the GAC communique as it is being
> drafted - more drafting going on today, but this is the
> situation so far:
> In the informational part (not advice, just commentary) there will
> be something about SubPro WT5 Geo names asking for a system for
> timely notifications to GAC members (like the current 2-character
> code tool).
> In the follow-up to previous GAC advice section there will be
> a suggestion not to proceed with next newgTLDs round until
> recommendations identified as prerequisites or high priority
> in the CCT Review are implemented.
> There will also be a request to proceed with the implementation
> of the Red Cross/Crescent and IGO protection mechanisms.
> In the formal consensus advice part, there will be an item
> asking EPDP Phase 1 to provide detailed work plan and
> timetable for implementation, and for Phase 2 a request to make
> sure ICANN org operates "reasonable access" in a reasonable
> manner (whatever that means) and for ICANN Compliance to create
> complaints process for unreasonable denial of requests for data.
> Furthermore on WHOIS/GDPR there will be a request for PPSAI
> implementation to proceed in parallel and not be deferred until
> end of EPDP process.
>  .amazon remains a hotly debated topic. There might be text
> to again be asking board to facilitate, or at least explain
> why it didn't follow GAC advice, but there is no consensus
> on this so far.
> Will give update as things become more solid towards the end
> of the day.
> Your friendly GAC liaison,
> 	Julf
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