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Dear Councilors,

As a follow-up to our November Council call and discussion on the Operational Design Phase paper, if you would like changes to be made to the comment paper developed by the small team, please send them by Tuesday (tomorrow) COB.

Thank you.

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Dear GNSO Councillors:

On behalf of the the GNSO Council ODP Small Team, I am attaching a draft comment for Council discussion. When done, the comment will be addressed to ICANN as feedback on the Draft Design Concept Paper describing the Operational Design Phase (https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/gnso-odp-01oct20-en.pdf) .

We are forwarding this now because ICANN has asked for some feedback as early as the conclusion of our 19 November Council meeting and the Small Team wanted to get this into your hands as soon as possible — even though we, ourselves, are still commenting on the draft.

The document has three sections:

  1.  The draft comment itself
  2.  Appendix one: a flow chart we developed describing the process as written
  3.  Appendix two: a set of clarifying questions. We found some ambiguity or gaps in the first published draft of the proposal and thought it would be helpful to the Small Team, the Council and the community if additional clarity was provided.

Otherwise we think the document speaks for itself. Give the alacrity with which this has been prepared, if this is sent as the Council comment, we should leave open the door to future clarifications and iteration.

The other small team members are: Maxim Alzoba, Tom Dale, Greg DiBiase, Philippe Fourquart, Jeff Neuman, Juan Manuel Rojas, and Tatiana Tropina, who are supported by staff members Steve Chan, Nathalie Peregrine, Mary Wong.

Please respond with questions you might have in the interim. I’ve asked Steve Chan to share this in a Google doc so that we can review and comment as a team.

Best regards,



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